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Pirouettes. Pliés. Puppies.

Recently Savage Universal had the pleasure of being a part of the most recent Dancers and Dogs photo series, “Red” in Phoenix, AZ. In this shoot they set up two 107″ Primary Red Seamless Paper rolls and two 107″ Flamingo Seamless Paper rolls side by side to create enough space for the dancers and dogs to move freely.

How It All Began

Dancers and Dogs is an organization that started in 2017. The founders Kelly and Ian explain, “We are dance photographers, mainly working with the Saint Louis Ballet, along with dancers around the country. We specialize in both marketing photography and performance photography.

One day, I (Kelly) had a strange idea: “What if we did pictures of dancers, with dogs.” Ian looked at me like I was crazy. On paper, it was strange and didn’t make sense. Why dancers and dogs? But I told Ian to just “Go with it.” I had a vision. Our first duo was Ericka and Baxter, an English Bulldog, who belongs to a friend. We captured just the results we were hoping for – clean and elegant pictures, that are sweet, light-hearted and funny. Ballet is often seen as stuffy or unapproachable, and we feel like this project helps people see the lighter side of dancers. We have learned a lot during this process. We were not animal photographers when we started out! But along the way we have learned how to work on a dog’s level, how to get dogs to do certain actions, what kind of dogs are even right for this project.

So here’s the goal: 100 Dancers & 100 Dogs. We don’t know how long that will take. We are starting in St. Louis, but we hope to expand this project to other cities as well. We are having fun.

So back to, “Why?” Well, it’s all about just making people smile. If we’re doing that, that is all that matters.”

Take a look at these colorful, beautiful images!

Check out this playful BTS video of the shoot!

Photographers, have you ever coordinated a shoot like this? Share your experience with us in the comments below!