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Diffuse light. Add reflection. Create gradient. The transluscent Savage Translum Backdrop offers the greatest flexibility with modifying light in your photo studio. Use it as a backdrop or cut it into a diffusion panel. Popular for tabletop photography, this durable plastic material is ideal for glass and other reflective products, toning down light sources or even shoots involving water. Widely used for creating beautiful silhouette portraits, it’s also perfect for any DIY project as it’s easy to cut out the size and shapes you need for a custom diffusion solution for every unique shoot.

Here are just a few tutorials and ideas we found across the web of some interesting product shots and DIY modifiers you can create with translum!

Glass of Whiskey with Splash and Ice Drop

Tutorial by Aron Czapiewski found on Photigy Blog

Translum is often used in tabletop photography as a background. When used with a spotlight on the backdrop, it produces an even light diffusion and offers a cool, reflective characteristic to the product being shot.


Large DIY Light Tent

Tutorial by Mike Buckley found on Cambridge in Colour Forum

Translum is an ideal material for building a DIY light tent for several reasons. Its translucent nature allows for an even diffusion of light and the plastic material is more durable than using a piece of white seamless paper.


Cool LED Light Diffusion Show

Video by Jon Burroughs found on Youtube

Create a psychedelic mood within your backdrop by placing a translum sheet in front of colored LED lights.


Add a Gradient to Glass

Tutorial by Paul Whittingham found on Photigy Blog

Create a subtle gradient on your glass product by using a translum diffuser with your reflector, directed at the side of your product.


DIY Diffuser for Studio Product Photography

Tutorial by Alex Koloskov found on Koloskov Blog

Create a linear gradient and beautiful reflection when turning translum into a DIY light diffuser.


Splash Shots

Tutorial by Vicco Gallo via Flickr

Use translum as a background for shoots involving water splashes or another liquid as it’s easily wiped clean and withstand getting wet.


-Savage Staff