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This month we took to our awesome Facebook fans to share their ideas of unique macro photography subjects with us. 

Are you always photographing the same themes for your macro photography like flowers, bugs and water drops? Here are 10 ideas for more creative macro subjects! Let us know if one of these suggestions inspires you!


1. Detail of familiar household items. The U between the times of a fork. Bristles of a toothbrush. The corner of a letter of a common cleaner, such as Comet. Could we identify the common tools?

Ladee Rickard

2. Natural wood (uncut but no bark,) possibly oiled to make the grain stand out.

Joe Secka

3. Sweat on a lizards nose…or pores on a lizard or snake.

 -Art Scott

4. Children’s toys in odd places in a house. For example, a lego figure standing in a kitchen with a gas light stove showing the flame in the background may be an idea. Just make sure the figure isn’t close enough to ignite on fire.

Patrick Abandy

5. The most unique macro photo I’ve had to take was as a USAF photographer.  The challenge was to photograph corrosion problems on the skin of a T39 Executive jet.  The problem was the corrosion was on the inside of the skin.  I had to photograph it with a 55mm micro Nikkor while the factory technician held an articulated mirror through a three inch access hole.  I got the shot an clearly showed the corrosion problem in vivid color.  

-Michael Holser

6. Vegetable gardens…like peas, beans, okra, squash or melons, from when they first sprout through the growth stages!

-Patsy Lander

7. Basket Weaves.

Clinton Webb

8. I love taking photos of my yellow-eyed black cat and different textures of clothing, lights, water droplets, keys, makeup, wrinkles on skin.

-Kristen McClara

9. Fountain pen nibs and feeds.

-Matthew Smith

And last but not least…

10. Belly button lint!

Ron Warren


Did you miss our Facebook contest this month? Share your ideas for unique macro subjects with a comment here!


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