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Photographer Resources

There's no doubt that every photographer should be taking advantage of the plethora of valuable resources available online and throughout the photography industry. Here are some useful tools that will make your photo business run smoother, whether you're a beginner or expert photographer.

8 Ways to Break Out of Your Creative Rut

Being a photographer is a passion, not just a career choice. The thought of “missing a shot” crosses every photographer’s mind yet how many times have you caught yourself unprepared? Not only could the shot you capture make a great addition to your site or blog, it could end up being one of those “must have” images by a stock or news agency that goes viral.

10 Apps Every Photographer Needs

10 Apps Every Photographer Needs

There are dozens of apps that will help make the professional photographer’s life easier, from instant model releases to on demand light meters. Here’s a list of 10 apps that every photographer will love.

Developing Your Photographic Eye

Developing Your Photographic Eye

Mastering the technical skills of photography are not the only components to creating memorable visual imagery. Developing your creative eye is probably the most important skill you’ll need. You’ll learn to see the world with your own unique voice and be able to see creative potential in any situation.

5 Benefits of Joining a Local Photography Group

Like any field, staying in close connection with your fellow professionals can benefit you on so many different levels. Don’t think of these photographers as competition, think of them as a resource to improve your skills, broaden your client base and add revenue to the bottom line of your studio.

How Do You Get Inspired After Falling into a Creative Rut?

Have you ever fallen into a creative rut with your photography? How did you get inspired again? We took this question to our Facebook followers this month, and read a lot of great answers that we wanted to pass along to our blog readers as advice for the next time YOU need to get inspired!

10 Gift Ideas for Photographers This Season

10 Gift Ideas for Photographers This Season

Whether they’re Instagam addicts, iPhone aficionados or working professionals, the photographer on your gift list will most likely be the most fun person to shop for this year. There are thousands of unique and useful gadgets to choose from just in time for your holiday shopping.

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