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When you feel like books and blogs have gotten you as far as they can, it may be time to search for a mentor. Photography mentors can help you grow immensely through shadowing, critiquing and teaching. Or, if you've experienced years of professional photography success and feel a desire to offer your knowledge to a beginner or amateur photographer, becoming a mentor is a great thing.

Life Lessons Photography Has Taught Me

Patience, I am told, is a virtue. Practicing it is another matter altogether. Stepping outside my comfort zone has always produced growth, both personally and artistically. Trusting to the higher powers in life proves beneficial: there is no such thing as bad weather.

Searching for a Photography Mentor

Searching for a Photography Mentor

 Not many of us have the capacity to be completely objective when it comes to our work and our businesses. Going it alone has pitfalls, and that is where the value of a mentor can become the most valuable relationship a photographer can cultivate in his life, especially early on in a career.

Benefits of Second Shooting

Getting a job as a second shooter is a great way to gain real world experience and build a portfolio. It allows you to work under a more established photographer, and provides you the opportunity to learn as you go along. 

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