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Looking to dive deeper into a specific topic about starting a photography business, running a studio, networking, and choosing the right photo gear? Check out our full list of Featured Topics to find what you're looking for, all in one place.
  • Shooting with Seamless Paper

    Savage Seamless Paper is one of the most cost-effective solutions for creating smooth, seamless backgrounds in portraits, commercial photography, and video production. Although most commonly used for studio work, seamless paper can be used for a number of other purposes, such as theater productions, special-event decorations, display banners, posters, even video projection screens.Learn More
  • Translum

    Savage Translum BackdropTranslum is a versatile and unique, semi-translucent plastic material designed for transforming light and creating stunning visual effects in the studio. It can be used as a light diffuser, tabletop backdrop, cookaloris or portrait background for silhouettes and other creative projects!Learn More
  • Shooting on White Backgrounds

    A white background is the most basic, most versatile and perhaps the most important piece of equipment a photographer can have in his/her studio setup.Learn More
  • Seamless Paper for Pet Photography

    Seamless paper and vinyl backdrops are most popular for pets, as they are disposable or cleanable once a messy puppy steps off. Using bright or fun colors can help bring out a pet's unique personality, as you can see in the photo galleries below!Learn More
  • Retail Windows & Visual Displays

    While Savage Universal is most commonly recognized for its popular line of Widetone Seamless Background Paper in the photography and video industries, this studio staple was originally marketed as a window display décor in the 1940s and is still popularly used as such today. The background is an important layer to consider when constructing new displays. Utilizing a professional, sleek backdrop behind a window scene can help to separate the display from the rest of the store, enticing consumers to enter inside to discover what lies behind the backdrop. With only seconds to attract passersby into a store, vibrant colors and bold patterns can help intrigue and engage potential customers. Color psychology is an important factor display coordinators use to affect consumers’ perception of brand personality. With over 65 color options and unlimited custom print designs available, paper backgrounds allow for quick and consistent updating of displays at a low cost. With endless creative designs, Savage Universal backgrounds are the ultimate accessories to tailor window displays to seasonal holidays, marketing campaigns and special themes, highlight a product on display and create visual appeal.Learn More
  • Portrait Photography

    From families, to newborns, to pets, portrait photography is one of the most popular types of photography today and includes dozens of sub-specialties and styles. Unlike other photography niches, portrait photography is all about the subject - aiming to capture the unique personality or mood of whoever is being photographed. 

    Learn More
  • Printed Background Paper

    Solid colored seamless paper backdrops offer an undeniably beautiful and strong foundation to studio portraits. But when you need something extra playful, festive or creative for a special event or client, let Savage's brand-new printed background paper be your solution!Learn More
  • Product Photography

    Quality product photos are essential to any business, especially online retailers. When customers cannot pick up, feel or try on a product, it's up to you, the photographer, to deliver images that portray the item's best features in the best light possible. Learn More
  • Photographic Lighting

    Photographers must constantly battle lighting conditions to achieve a perfect glow to their subjects. Natural light serves outdoor photographers beautifully, while studio photographers have an array of light options to satisfy any indoor shoot. A great thing about light is that it can be controlled and modified to suit any subject!Learn More
  • Muslin Backdrops

    Muslin Backdrops are one of the most popular types of photography backdrops there are. Durable and versatile, they are a must-have component of a complete studio setup.Learn More
  • Green Screens

    Green screen photography is a technique perfect for those with wild imaginations. When you are not limited to shooting in your studio or local environment, the possibilities are endless to where you can take your subjects! Chroma keying allows photographers to recreate virtually any setting, scene or special effect by adding in any background they choose, and using fun green screen props. As green screen technology advances, nearly any photographer can experiment with ease!Learn More
  • Headshot Photography

    Business portraits and headshots are an essential branding element to many professionals across all industries, and can often be a great starting point for a connection with new clients and contacts. Producing an attractive, high-quality headshot is vital to the value your client's brand will convey. Your job is to discern what style and tone the client is looking to present, and deliver a variety of images that successfully show him/her off in the best light possible.Learn More
  • Marketing Essentials for Photographers

    It's a common belief among photographers that the administrative and marketing tasks of operating a photo business are so consuming that actual shooting seems just a small part of their job. While that can be true, there are methods for productive and efficient marketing that will open up more of your time to do what you love: create beautiful images.Learn More
  • Get Creative with Backdrops

    Studio backgrounds don't have to be plain or boring! Don't be afraid to experiment with your seamless paper backdrops; cut them, paint them, pair two together or come up with your own creative customization! Create new scenes and themes, and add your artistic mark to bring a unique, memorable style to those special projects that require a little extra flair.Learn More
  • Photographer Humor

    In the mood for some good old photography-related humor? Check out these articles below and tell us if you can relate to any of these stereotypical scenarios of dealing with clients, subjects and doing whatever it takes to get the shot!Learn More
  • Posing

    It's all about the posing! Especially if you're not working with a professional and experienced model, it is your job as the photographer to help warm up your portrait subject to the camera and offer guidance on posing to convey the style of photos you're visualizing.Learn More
  • Seamless Paper Best Uses

    We absolutely love when our awesome customers share samples of their work featuring a Savage backdrop with us! With over 68 different colors ranging from basic to bold, our seamless paper backdrops can be a perfect complement to any photo shoot. Here we highlight just a few of our paper backgrounds and some beautiful customer photos we've found online. If you'd like to share one of your photos with us to be featured on our blog here, share it on our Facebook!Learn More
  • Senior Pictures

    High school seniors can be some of your most fun clients to work with! They are young and energetic, excited to model and very active on social media. With just a little bit of practice in how to best cater to them, senior portrait photography can be a very lucrative and fun business for you!Learn More
  • Vinyl Backdrops

    Vinyl backdrops are one of the most durable and long-lasting photo backgrounds on the market. Learn the benefits, as well as some of the extra care needed when using this classic backdrop for your studio photography.Learn More
  • Photographing Kids

    Photographing young kids can be an arduous task that takes more creativity and effort than photographing adults. However, children can be some of the most rewarding and fun subjects to work with! After gaining some experience, you'll easily learn all sorts of tips and tricks to capturing those genuine smiles and big personalities.Learn More
  • Studio Photography 101

    Studio photography offers a blank template for a photographer to create virtually any setting and tone he desires. Mix up your shoots with various professional backdrops and floor drops, experiment with studio lighting techniques, and implement all kinds of posing props! If you’re new to the studio it all can seem daunting, but don’t let that stand in the way of creating your dream photo setup!Learn More
  • Comparing Backdrops

    There is an overwhelming amount of choices available to studio photographers when it comes to equipment and gear. Photographers must decide location, model, camera lens, props, and lighting setup of their photo shoot in addition to choosing the perfect backdrop. While the background may not seem as important to the end product as other factors, it can really make or break the photo.Learn More
  • Collapsible Backdrops

    Collapsible backdrops are an essential piece of gear for any photographer. Portable, compact, and simple to set up and take down, they are the ideal choice for photographers needing a versatile backdrop that can be easily used in studio or on location.Learn More
  • Working with Clients

    Working with clients can be one of the most challenging aspects of being a professional photographer. Establishing and meeting expectations can sometimes be difficult, especially if you're new to the industry. Open communication, clear pricing and overall strong people skills are all essential elements for creating happy and returning clients.

    Learn More
  • Working with Pets

    Pets are an integral member to many families, so it's no surprise that pet portraits are so popular. If you are tasked with the job of photographing a beloved family pet, you'll want to be able to provide photos that show off the animal's personality and unique characteristics. Taking portraits of energetic puppies or nervous kittens isn't always easy, but can produce some of your most adorable images. Learn More
  • Backdrop Stands

    Professional backdrops aren't of much use if you don't have a sturdy support system to hang them on. Whether you travel a lot, need to switch between multiple backdrops quickly or are just starting in a small studio space, there is a backdrop stand to match your needs.Learn More
  • Backdrop Maintenance

    Professional studio photo backdrops have a reputation for high quality and durability. You invest your hard-earned money back into your studio equipment, so it's important to make sure you are properly maintaining and storing your backdrops, to extend their life as long as possible!Learn More
  • Wrinkle Resistant Backdrops

    savage-economy-background-kitSavage's new Wrinkle Resistant Polyester Backdrops and Economy Background Kits are designed specifically for beginner portrait photographers, small studio spaces or photographers  on a budget! These convenient and compact backdrop setups are easy-to-use, great quality and very affordable!Learn More
  • Tradeshows & Events

    savage at wppi We have a great time at the Wedding and Portrait Photography conference and expo every spring, as well as the Photokina fair every two years held in Cologne, Germany! It's always a pleasure to speak with longtime customers and to meet new ones, offer interesting live demonstrations featuring our products, and host lots of giveaways! Below you'll find our yearly photographer demonstration schedules and what goes on the Savage Universal expo booth.Learn More
  • Painted Canvas

    Savage Ash Canvas Backdrop Photo by Miguel QuilesPainted Canvas Backgrounds are beautiful, hand painted portrait backdrops that help create an elegant and timeless look within your photography. Transport your models to an era of sophistication from within your studio space!Learn More
  • Shades of Gray Backdrops

    A gray backdrop is a versatile, modern and sophisticated choice for most portrait styles, and is found is most photographers' studios. Here at Savage, we love gray so much, we offer 16 unique shades of gray seamless paper!Learn More
  • Studio Photo Techniques

    A photo studio offers endless possibilities for your professional photography. Here are some tips for going beyond basic portrait photography and setting up your studio to work for special lighting and camera shooting techniques.Learn More
  • Working with Models

    While working with new people in a professional environment can be tricky sometimes, it can also bring new ideas, develop networking connections and create synergy within your shoot. If you have yet to work with professional models, what's holding you back?Learn More
  • Choosing a Niche

    Honing in on one or two specific niches can be beneficial for a photographer. From a business standpoint, selecting a specific niche allows you to stand out from the pack and perfect your skills in one area. Choosing a niche can often be difficult though; to take time to explore a variety of niches in order to find where your personal interest and skills will shine brightest.Learn More
  • Opening Your Own Studio

    Opening your own photography studio is a not a simple decision by any means! Of course, there are many factors to consider such as space, location, budget and branding that will help determine the pros and cons of a new business venture. Take advice here from our pros who have been in your shoes at one time.Learn More
  • Pretty Pink Backdrops

    One of the easiest ways to add creative photo direction to your shoot is to leverage the psychology of color. The color pink is often associated with love, hope, femininity and calmness. What better a way to convey a specific message or theme in your photo shoot than by using a vibrant, seamless pink photo background?Learn More
  • Photographing Men

    Men have the stereotype of being more difficult to photograph than women. While this may often be the case in terms of breaking the ice and getting them to warm up to the camera, there is no limit once you break past the initial unease for finding appropriate posing and bringing forth emotion to create stunning male portraits.Learn More
  • Reflectors & Umbrellas

    Reflectors and umbrellas are essential and inexpensive tools for manipulating light in studio and on location.Learn More
  • Photographer Resources

    There's no doubt that every photographer should be taking advantage of the plethora of valuable resources available online and throughout the photography industry. Here are some useful tools that will make your photo business run smoother, whether you're a beginner or expert photographer.Learn More
  • Macro Photography

    Macro photography brings a special artful element to everyday objects found in the home or in nature, like blades of grass, colorful insects or rusty coins. These ultra-close shots give us insight into the smallest objects that normally go unnoticed and unappreciated as we pass by.Learn More
  • Mentoring

    When you feel like books and blogs have gotten you as far as they can, it may be time to search for a mentor. Photography mentors can help you grow immensely through shadowing, critiquing and teaching. Or, if you've experienced years of professional photography success and feel a desire to offer your knowledge to a beginner or amateur photographer, becoming a mentor is a great thing.Learn More
  • Pin Up & Boudoir Photography

    From the bright and bold energy of pin up photography to the deep and lush mystery of boudoir photos, check out these tips for working with your models and gear for sensual styled photo sessions.Learn More
  • Photography Props

    Most photographers agree that photography props should be used with caution. It's pretty easy to get wrapped up in cute outfits for newborns, sports equipment for senior portraits and accessories for food, but too many extra elements in a picture will shift the main focus from the actual subject. Props should complement the main model, help them to feel comfortable posing and support the message of the photo.Learn More
  • Family Portraits

    Family portraits are the bread and butter to many portrait photographers' annual business. Some families only opt for professional pictures once every few years, while others love documenting the seasons and other special events multiples times a year. As a photographer, it is your job is to show them that capturing valuable memories in a beautiful and lasting form is priceless!Learn More
  • Photo Booths

    Photo booths are a trendy, fun activity commonly incorporated into parties, weddings and other special events, and are easy to set up and run! Hang up a retro patterned or bright colored backdrop, throw a bunch of goofy costume props into a box and voila! Let your guests take turns showing off their silliest poses all night.Learn More
  • Post Production

    Always feel like once you've captured your images in-camera, it's just the beginning of the production process? We're here to help you minimize your time & effort spent in post production through efficient processes and practices.Learn More
  • Wedding Photography

    Weddings are highly considered as one of the most rewarding photography niches. While the photographer gets to experience the romance, love and joy of each big event, be sure realize the depth of your task. Your work begins long before the wedding day, and continues when it's over. Be prepared to be along for the journey to deliver the most special, beautiful memories that will hang in their hallways for decades to come!Learn More
  • Shooting Outdoors

    Many photographers begin their journey shooting outdoors. Why shouldn't they? The sun provides great natural light and there are endless locations that make a stunning backdrop. While the natural outdoors gives photographers freedom to explore and experiment, there are also some risks and extra responsibilities involved that photographers should be aware of.Learn More
  • Utilizing Your Camera

    Using your digital camera to it's fullest, or even partial, potential can be the most intimidating and confusing part of photography! With technology allowing us to do so many awesome things, the possibilities and settings of your device are endless.Learn More
  • Travel Photography

    Photographing your travels can be exciting and rewarding. Traveling with your photo gear can be tricky. Here are some tips on the best backdrops to travel with, how to travel safely with your expensive gear and tips for shooting new locations once you arrive at them.Learn More
  • Landscape Photography

    Landscapes can be some of the most beautiful and stunning subjects to capture with a photograph. Here are some tips for incorporating landscapes into your portraiture, creating panoramas or just improving your composition.Learn More
  • Valentine's Day Photo Shoots

    Valentine's Day is a huge opportunity for photographers to gain some extra business in January and February each year for fun themed shoots like kissing booths, hearts and candy galore, as well as the classic romantic couple shoots.Learn More
  • Christmas Portraits

    Annual family Christmas portraits are a great revenue surge to end the year for portrait photographers! Take advantage of this busy portrait season by offering special packages, promotions or even donating a portion of your holiday session profits to a local charity.Learn More
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