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Blog and images by Cory Dawson 

“Last year I was asked to help on a challenging shoot for Metropolitan Home Magazine. The magazine wanted to shoot furniture using video as the light source. The challenge was that they wanted to achieve a shadowless look similar to double exposures. After some testing I came up with the idea of using Translum as a backdrop. Because of the weight of the furniture I used white plexiglass on the ground to complete the Translum sweep.

To create the nearly shadowless look, I placed one projector behind the backdrop and used a second projector to light the furniture from the front. I ran both projectors off one laptop in a mirrored setup. The projector in the front was always placed close to the camera to limit the shadows cast from it. I then used a Canon 1Dx Mark II to capture a still for the magazine and image bursts for the video. In order to use affordable projectors (based on testing I calculated I would need two 14k lumen projectors) I slowed the video playback speed. This allowed me to use two 4000 lumen projectors and save my client over $3500 in rental fees. The bursts to capture the video were limited by my 1/6s shutter speed but by slowing down the video playback I was able to get a proper exposure without adding blur. We shot this on location and had the ability to blackout the space and limit any ambient light hitting the set. Each video was built from 60 to 150 images. I then used Premiere Pro to assemble the image sequences, add music and titles. The print story ran 10 pages and the videos were shared on Instagram.”

Check out the final videos below!

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