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RGB lights and photo/video gels are wonderful, innovative tools. They enable innumerable creative concepts, and can greatly enhance an image. Complementary colors used to cross-light a subject lends distinct mood and style, helping to convey emotion and further the “story” told by an image.

With the wide range of colors and capabilities achieved with colored lights and gels, it may seem tempting to use them for the background in place of colored seamless background paper. But here are some reasons why colored seamless paper can still often be the best choice:

1. Consistency

Every inch of Savage seamless background paper is the same beautiful, even, saturated color from corner to corner.

Seamless paper provides easy, even color saturation for full sweeps and large sets

The larger the area the more gelled lights are required to convey even, saturated color

2. Reliability

Seamless paper enables you to easily achieve the same look from one shoot to another without having to replicate exact equipment power/distance configurations.

3. Quick setup

Setup time when using a pre-colored paper background is much faster than attaching gels to light heads or adjusting them inside modifiers.

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4. Efficiency

Working in a tight space, or outdoors? Seamless paper looks just as beautifully saturated in any width and can even be used in natural or ambient light with no additional equipment.

Photos courtesy of Maxwell Pierre on Orange Seamless Paper

5. Beautiful shadows

Shooting with a colored paper backdrop enables you to create subtle, natural shadows on the backdrop when desired.

6. Tonality

You maintain complete tonal control using standard lighting techniques, without losing color quality.

7. Better control

No fighting to light your subject without washing out or interfering with background gels. Key and fill lights often add to background light and can wash out the color gels.

Without key light

With key light


8. Clean look

No worry about light spill that can contaminate colors and shadows on your subject. Seamless paper is much less likely to create color spill on your subject.

9. Energy

What’s more fun than stepping onto a fully decorated set? Vibrant colored backgrounds reinforce the mood for the photo shoot and help energize your model and team from the pre-planning stages and beyond!

Canary Seamless Paper

Primary Red Seamless Paper

10. Easy post processing

Seamless paper requires little if any background editing when post-processing images. No color hot-spots or unnatural banding to correct.

Break out those wonderful LED wands, ring lights, RGB panels and gels for ultimate creativity with your subjects – but consider the benefits of colored seamless paper for the background to get the best overall results in your multi-color adventure!

What background color were you recently inspired to work with?

Tell us in the comments below!