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We asked our Facebook followers to tell us why color is an important component of their photography. Answers varied but one common message remained: it’s an integral part of meaningful storytelling that is essential in a photographer’s work. Here are some of our favorite responses!


“Color is an important component of my photography because using color is how I truly I express myself when I take photos. Color allows me to be creative without any boundaries in the simplest way.” – Kirsten Watson

“Color creates mood. It emptied the energy in a photograph. From sunshiny yellows and oranges to moody blues and purples. Color can create layers within a photo we never knew were there. Making it appear as if your in the snowy mountains of Colorado or that South Beach glow in Miami.” – Lacey Carroll

“Color is important to me because it can be used to communicate without words and that’s universal. The right use of color can tell a story about an image or video. Color can also be used to share a mood or feelings you want others to get from your art.” – John Johnson

“I grew up on the prairie, a place of immense color. From the golden wheat waving in the breeze, to the biggest blue sky, to the dark purples and deep blues and cracks of white of the thunderstorms. I live for those colors. When I moved to NYC I lost the grandeous versions of those colors, instead I found them in subtle hues and tiny pops. When I moved to la the palate changed again. Now to ripe greens, and bursts of citrus yellows and oranges, hot pink flowers, and the aquamarine of the ocean. Everything I do revolves around the colors I’m able to find.” – Dillon Artzer

“Color is an amazing way to express your personality, emotions, and creativity. Color can portray everything in a photo.” -Chrissy Burdsall

“Because color allows me to set the mood of my images.” – Carly Meredith

“Color is an important component of my photography because it gives me many more possibilities. Color can make a huge difference to any picture. It allows you to set a mood that you want to get across to your viewer.” – Johnny Rodriguez

“Color conveys emotions and adds to a story. It brings interest and connects with the viewer. It’s a powerful tool.” – Heather Allred

“Because it allows for increased creativity or the ability to make other colors pop.” – Owen Barton

“Color has opened a whole new door for me in photography. It has allowed me to explore more mood and atmosphere than anything else.” – Jared Shumate

Why is color important in your photography? Leave us a comment below!