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Drake Hackney

Drake-HackneyDrake Hackney is a beauty and fashion photographer based out of Los Angeles California. His obsession for the visual arts took root early on and he strives to elevate his craft with every opportunity he has to be behind the camera. His style is a blend of high contrast images and unique color stories used to draw the viewer in and captivate a sense of wonder with his work. He is a lover of life and people and strives with each subject to not only highlight their outer beauty, but to also draw their personalities into the set of images in anyway he can. He strives to draw out his subjects personalities through his light-hearted attitude on set and approaches each creative project with passion and love for the craft. In every image he strives to achieve a new level of storytelling and to achieve a higher standard of technical prowess in lighting and post production of his images. He hopes for his images to leave a lasting impression and to tell a strong and captivating story through each assignment.

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Capturing Beauty Portraits in Small Spaces

Capturing Beauty Portraits in Small Spaces

Getting started in the realm of fashion and beauty photography can be tricky. When setting up studio lights that can take up a large amount of a room, space becomes a very valuable resource.

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