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Craig Stidham

Craig is a professional portrait & fashion photographer based in Texas. He has a formal degree in photography and his groundbreaking images have appeared in fashion & photography magazines including PPA's Professional Photographer Magazine and on billboards nationwide. A former college instructor, he now conducts workshops for photographers eager to learn his avant garde style. He has spoken at Imaging USA, WPPI-U, SYNC and Fotochaos 2, on creating fashion senior style images. He is also an author of two books: "Fashion Seniors" and "Dynamic Posing Guide, Modern techniques for Digital Photographers" Published by Wiley. Check out his website.


Keep Playing: The Importance of Creative Experimentation in the Studio

Keep Playing: The Importance of Creative Experimentation in the Studio

Translum’s wonderful diffusing qualities make it an ideal choice for a backdrop. It offers the perfect solution to the traditional softbox background whereas a softbox shows texture in its fabric and limits you to the size of your modifier, Translum is a seamless roll and provides an even, smooth look.

Going Bold with Seamless Paper

Photographer Craig Stidham held a great live demo at WPPI in the Savage expo booth on shooting with bright colored backgrounds. He shot on Canary, Tulip and Baby Blue paper backdrops, and explained the benefits as well as things to look out for when bringing in a vivid background to make your photos more appealing. See Full Gallery >>