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Alex Stone

Alex Stone is a fashion and portrait photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. He began his career in automotive photography 13 years ago and transitioned to portrait and fashion photography shortly thereafter. Over the past 7 years he's worked with some of the biggest names in fashion including Rag & Bone, John Varvatos and The Frye Company. Alex has focused the majority of his attention to creative portraiture and growing his celebrity clientele amongst other things. Check out his website here.
Studio Breakdown: Off-Model Product Shots for eCommerce

Studio Breakdown: Off-Model Product Shots for eCommerce

From small eCommerce shoots to large ones, your job is to make the client happy. When you have a creative director that knows what they want, this journey will be a piece of cake. Though don’t be afraid to suggest new lighting setups they haven’t thought of or different views of the product that will show the end customer more of the merchandise. You’re on the same team, and the end goal is to create great images that show the product for what they really are.

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