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“Smash the Cake” is a semi-new trend of placing adorable babies on a bright paper backdrop with a beautifully decorated cake…and let them completely destroy it. These photo sessions create awesome, one-of-a-kind memories for parents and their children to look back on. The brightly colored backdrops are the perfect addition to this playful and fun photography.

What better way to make a mess than on a paper backdrop that can be simply cut off, rather than getting on your hands and knees to battle the remnants of a huge frosting tornado after the shoot?

Photo by Heidi Hope Photography, Featuring Baby Blue Seamless Paper

Photo by Khoackie

Photo by Gina Rae Miller Photography 

Photo by Jen Petritz Photography, Featuring Coral Seamless Paper

Photo by jesslash via Flickr, Featuring True Blue Seamless Paper

Photo by Cynthia Jill Photography 

Photo by LoriMichelle84 via Flickr, Featuring Orchid Seamless Paper 

Photo by Singerinthevalley via Flickr, Featuring Blue Jay Seamless Paper

 – Savage Photography Team

Have you ever done a “Cake Smash” photo shoot? Share your experience below!

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