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Our friend Leigh Demshar with Bouncing Light Photography tested out our durable Matte Black Vinyl Backdrop in her studio. Thanks to her creativity and curiosity we got a first-hand look at photos taken with both family & pet models! Since Leigh gets a lot of fun animals running through her studio each week we wanted to get her take on how the vinyl held up to the rougher handling, clean-up, and overall imaging with them. Below, you’ll also see how the black vinyl transferred over to a beautiful, dramatic maternity portrait session.

“As I was wiping dog hair, slobber, and bits of string cheese off of the vinyl with a wet cleaning cloth, I thought to myself (actually, I was alone at the studio, and said it out loud to nobody), WOW! This is amazing. On traditional seamless paper, I would have been slicing off the evidence of the session from the roll, getting it ready for the recycle bin. Instead, with a simple wipe, the vinyl was clean and ready for next time.  Fabulous! If I don’t have to throw it away, I am getting more bang for my background buck.” 

“While I mostly use seamless paper for pet photography, I was eager to try out the vinyl as a backdrop for some sessions with humans, also.  Black backgrounds can be challenging to keep black, certainly lighting your subject and not the background takes a bit of problem solving.  I found that the black vinyl kept a really nice dark tone throughout the sessions, even when I moved my light in different positions.” 

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“The vinyl is a nice weight. Heavy enough to not be easily damaged, but light enough that I can wield the 8’ wide roll by myself without any trouble. Perhaps because its winter in Cleveland (re: low humidity), I noticed that the vinyl did have a bit of static to it, attracting some dirt. But, a quick swipe of the cloth and voila, ready to go.  Being reusable is the greatest quality of the roll vinyl.”  


Leigh Demshar

A Cleveland native, Leigh was fortunate enough to have parents who loved art, and encouraged creativity. With an introductory darkroom course under her belt at age 17, it became obvious that the art and science of photography was to become her passion. Graduating from The Ohio State University with a BFA in Photography and from Tufts University with a Masters of Art in Teaching, Leigh spent 12 years sharing her love of photography with teens in grades 9-12.

Bouncing Light Photography began in 2009, with the goal of creating quality timeless portrait and event images. Over the past 5 years, BLP has been fortunate to be the recipient of numerous awards, including Best of The Knot and Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice. Chewbone Studio, founded in 2010, is the pet division of Bouncing Light Photography and is operated with the guiding philosophy that pets are an equal part of the family unit, and deserve to be captured in modern, professional portraits.


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