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Introducing the LiteShaper® Flexible LED Panel 

The patent-pending Savage LiteShaper® Flexible LED Panel is an adaptable constant light solution for photographers and videographers. Shapable, lightweight and portable, this compact LED light can elevate your flash photography with several different applications!

Check out the full video tutorial below, made with the help of Xavier DeLaPaz of Photos on the Vine.

LiteShaper® Flexible LED Panels with Diffusers Only

Mount the LiteShaper® onto a light stand for key or fill lighting. Because the light produces 680 lux at 1 meter with the diffuser off, it’s a great option itself as a strong constant light source. Stick the diffuser panel over it to still put out 480 lux at 1 meter and create a softer diffused look that’s beautiful for portraits.

LiteShaper® Panels Mounted Inside ModMaster™ Multi-Fabric Softbox

If you’ve got a modifier like the Savage ModMaster Multi-Fabric Softbox™, you can also easily attach up to 4 LiteShapers® inside with the convenient Velcro strips. This would be advantageous when working on a set where you need to switch between photo and video often. The LED pads emit constant light onto your video subjects throughout the shoot while you utilize a flash for still photos, both taking advantage of the nice diffusion from the modifier. The pads also serve as a brighter modeling light for your strobe. 

LiteShaper® Attached to Speedlight

When working with speedlights, the LiteShaper® comes in handy if you’re looking to shape and enhance the light output. Acting as a strong modeling light when setting up the shot, the bendable panel frame also lets the user narrow in the light output if desired. The panel’s front diffuser will also provide quality diffusion for the harsher speedlight output when fired.

In addition to these various applications, other components of this photo and video light include:

Remote Control

A great accessory included with the light is a remote control that allows the user to independently control up to 4 LiteShapers® from anywhere on set.

Lightweight Battery

With both AC and DC power options, the LED panel can be easily transported to location shoots or left setup in your studio. The battery (with a long 3.5 hour runtime) is lightweight so you’ll have no issue mounting the LiteShaper® to a speedlight securely even with the power bank also attached.

How would you use the new Savage LiteShaper®?

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