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Guest blog and photos by: Ingrid Svare

After years of shooting hundreds of outdoor bridal photos, I wanted to get back to the basics of true portraiture. When I look at vintage wedding photos in a studio setting, there’s just something so classic and timeless about it. From generation to generation, the same portraits sit on mantles and hang on walls, and they are always just so beautiful. I wanted to add a more modern, fine art spin to the project. With feminine and graceful posing, we created something strikingly beautiful.

When it comes to capturing dreamy bridal portraits, simplicity is key. Allowing natural light to stream through a window creates a soft and natural look. For this particular session, I didn’t want the light to fall perfectly in front of the bride. Instead, I placed the paper to the side of the window, which created an organic feeling with all sorts of rich dimension.

Seamless paper is my personal favorite option because it’s completely cohesive from head to toe and there’s no need to combat unnecessary shadows or harsh lines. Neutral toned backdrops are very versatile for wedding clients. You can color match so easily to fit any couple’s theme. I love the warmth that Savage Pecan Seamless Paper offers to my portraits.

As the outdoors get unbearably chilly, I encourage my fellow wedding photographers to experiment inside. Create a timeless product for your clients that will be cherished throughout the many years to come! In a world full of contemporary portraits and new rising techniques, there’s something bold about going back to the basics of simplicity.