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Review and images by Yev Z Photography

I was finally able to get my hand on a Savage Painted Canvas Backdrop, and in the past year I’ve used canvases from other backdrop companies that were much more expensive than the 8′ x 12′ Alpine Canvas I received that retails for around $259.99. Other canvas backdrops that I’ve used were shipped as canvas without any attachments. To properly use them I needed a backdrop support to get a lightweight pipe so that I could clamp the backdrop to it. The Savage canvas comes attached to a heavy-duty aluminum core and all I needed was a Matthews clamp and a c-stand and I was ready to shoot. It also came with wooden bar that is a perfect counterweight to make sure my backdrop hangs properly.

When I’m looking for a canvas backdrop, I’m not looking for perfection, I am looking for texture, good color and an easy to hang backdrop and that is exactly what I received with the Savage Canvas. My only drawback is that the color is slightly off from what you see on their website versus what you get when it is shipped. It’s slightly darker, however, it is not that big of a deal since it can be easy adjusted in post if needed. In conclusion, Savage canvas backdrops are great for portrait photography, they are well priced and easy to set up. I definitely recommend this product, and I will be purchasing more for myself!

Have you used one of our hand painted canvases in your studio? Comment below to share with us!