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Guest review by photographer Victor Valle.

Victor Valle has done everything under the sun, from Marine training to Senior Electronic Tech on the F-15/F-16 fighter plane radar system. Later in life, Victor worked for GretagMacbeth, during this time he started a wedding photography business. He had many years of shooting various events shooting various special events & participating in industry workshops.


With the advent of DIY product/collection photography, many are searching for affordable, portable lighting. In my early days, I used my $3,000 flash units from shooting weddings, to photograph my son’s collection of diecast cars. Now retired and with his large diecast car collection stored in my home, I decided to look for reasonably priced continuous lighting to photograph special items for his social media postings. I considered at first Halogen lamps, but because of the amount of heat they generate and slightly warmer tones, I began investigating near full-spectrum LED lighting.  As a former manufacturing engineer for a “color” company and part-time photographer, I’m aware of the importance of having a light source that produces lighting similar to noon daylight, 5500K.  Since the camera’s sensor will record what’s being reflected off a surface, the light source must be able to produce “clean” light, i.e. near full visible spectrum with minimum peaks and valleys.

During my online search, I came across a Savage Universal YouTube video, demonstrating their 50W (350W output equivalent) Tri-Band LED bulbs.  After acquiring one fix Daylight and one Dimmable/Blendable version, I set out to test them using Xrite color charts and Adobe Lightroom.  My way of checking color temperature was not scientific but it fit my purpose.  I compared past images taken with my professional flash units against recreations using the two Savage LED bulbs. The final images appear to correspond to those areas of the visible spectrum that produce good color. I’m so impressed with their product that I now have no reason to setup my elaborate, cumbersome lighting to shoot an occasional item. As they say, seeing is believing, and with these incredible results, it’s clear that Savage LED bulbs deliver high quality lighting at a fraction of the cost of more expensive alternatives.



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