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All Photos Courtesy of Leigh Demshar/Chewbone Studio

Red is always a bold color choice. Few colors can grab our attention as quickly and as powerfully as red. For creative types, the use of red is typically done intentionally. Almost like shouting at the viewer, “there’s something here I’d like you to see!”

Choosing the right red is also a challenge. For me, Crimson is the right red seamless paper.  A few years ago, I tried working with Primary Red, and found the color to be very much like that of a child’s crayon. That might work for some images, but I was looking for something with a little more bite.

Crimson is a much deeper red. Depending on how you light it, it can go more strawberry or, the only thing I can equate it to is a dark blood red (maybe I have Halloween on the brain.) Like other bold colors, Crimson can leave a strong color cast on your subject.

I enlisted a few dog models to help me test out the Crimson background paper.  What goes better with red paper than red fur? One of my personal interests is a monochromatic look with canine subject matching the seamless. While no dog exists that is as red as Crimson, the firey combo of red on red was fun to play with.

Crimson would be very dramatic in human portraits, and perhaps even boudoir photography. It will be my go-to choice for red seamless.

All Photos Courtesy of Chewbone Studio

Dog Photo on Crimson Background Paper - Chewbone Studio

Dog Photo on Crimson Background Paper - Chewbone Studio

Dog Photo on Crimson Background Paper - Chewbone Studio

Dog Photo on Crimson Background Paper - Chewbone Studio

Leigh Demshar

A Cleveland native, Leigh was fortunate enough to have parents who loved art, and encouraged creativity. With an introductory darkroom course under her belt at age 17, it became obvious that the art and science of photography was to become her passion. Graduating from The Ohio State University with a BFA in Photography and from Tufts University with a Masters of Art in Teaching, Leigh spent 12 years sharing her love of photography with teens in grades 9-12.

Bouncing Light Photography began in 2009, with the goal of creating quality timeless portrait and event images. Over the past 5 years, BLP has been fortunate to be the recipient of numerous awards, including Best of The Knot and Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice. Chewbone Studio, founded in 2010, is the pet division of Bouncing Light Photography and is operated with the guiding philosophy that pets are an equal part of the family unit, and deserve to be captured in modern, professional portraits.


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