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Savage’s new line of Printed Vinyl Backdrops is perfect for photographers who like to switch out their photography background options often, constantly offering new and creative set designs for their studio portrait clients. With over 120 unique styles, ranging from youthful, bright patterns to dark, grunge scenes, photographers can find a design to complement any portrait session. If you’re in need of some inspiration when shopping for a new printed vinyl backdrop, check out our recommendations!

5 Vibrant Printed Vinyl Backdrops for Kid Portrait Photography

When photographing kids, every photographer’s main focus is making sure the kids feel comfortable and free to show their true personalities on camera. One of the best ways to do that is make sure your backdrop is super cool! Ideal backdrops for kid portraits are often fun, bright prints and patterns that emulate the young model’s youthful nature. If you have a sports enthusiast coming in for some portraits, the Football Field Printed Vinyl Backdrop would be especially fitting. He/she will sure to sport their biggest smile on the sidelines wearing their favorite jersey! If you have a sweet girl coming in that wants to feel like a princess, try our Sweet Pink Floral Printed Vinyl Backdrop to match her personality!

Our Bubblegum Bokeh Backdrop is sure to make her smile too! If you have a family requesting to photograph their toddler, try the Alphabet Blocks Printed Vinyl Backdrop. It’s a sweet, colorful backdrop perfect for young kids! If you want the kids to feel totally comfortable in the studio, try the Toy Room Printed Vinyl Backdrop. It’s a cozy picture that feels just like home.

Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl

5 Romantic Styled Printed Vinyl Backdrops for Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a great way to make an announcement to friends and family about a wonderful, celebrated event! You want your backdrop to express that, while capturing the unique personalities of the happy couple. The Ivory Glow Printed Vinyl Backdrop is a perfect backdrop that emphasizes the celebratory feel of this joyous occasion! If you are doing engagement photos for a couple of “old-souls”, then the Vintage Script Printed Vinyl Backdrop offers a nice, old-fashioned feel.

Another great backdrop for an old-fashioned couple would be our Vintage Pink Printed Vinyl Backdrop. This faint pink backdrop will offer a sweet, subtle background interest without distracting from the happy couple. Or perhaps if you’re working with a couple who are all about big, romantic gestures, the Valentine’s Hearts Printed Vinyl Backdrop may be a great complement to their session. This bright, big, beautiful backdrop will make any couple want to shout their love from the roof tops! If you’re working with a couple that is more laid back, our Pink Hearts Bunting Printed Vinyl Backdrop is a nice option. This backdrop is very simple but still emphasizing a romantic, loving tone.

Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl

5 Fun Printed Vinyl Backdrops for That “On Location” Look

Do you have a client who really wants to travel the world? Go to Fiji, Tahiti or even somewhere, dare we say it, SNOWY? Well these “on location” printed vinyl backdrops are sure to impress your clients! Has your client always wanted to travel to the Mayan Ruins? Why not send them there with our Mayan Ruins Printed Vinyl Backdrop? Your client might want to travel to the spooky, eerie dark woods, set up the Twilight Woods Printed Vinyl Backdrop and have some fun with it!

If your client is trying to escape the winter weather, why not transport them to a dreamy beach using our Beach Sunset Printed Vinyl Backdrop or the Tropical Beach Printed Vinyl Backdrop? That’s sure to warm them up! Or are you working with a client who’s always lived in a warm area and wants to experience the snow? Set up the Snowy Back Road Printed Vinyl Backdrop and tell them to bring a jacket to the shoot!

Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl

5 Rustic Printed Vinyl Backdrops for Trendy Fashion Photography

Wood backdrops are a trendy option for urban fashion photography. Rustic, weathered wood planks can create an edgy, grungy look. If you’re looking for a classic wooden backdrop our Worn Brown Wood Printed Vinyl Backdrop or our Worn White Wood Printed Vinyl Backdrop are what you need! They are classic: good for any type of fashion photography, not just edgy or grunge.

Our Ombre Painted Wood Printed Vinyl Backdrop and the Rustic Teal Wood Printed Vinyl Backdrop are fun twists on a classic wood backdrop. If you want an old-fashioned look to go with a vintage style, try our Vintage Herringbone Printed Vinyl Backdrop!

Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl Savage Printed Vinyl 

Tell us what your favorite backdrop is from our new line of Printed Vinyl Backdrops!