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Being a photographer is the best – besides being able to express yourself creatively, you’re now a member of a big, supportive club. My favorite thing is meeting other photographers and sharing stories. There are some things that almost every photographer has experienced. Here are some of my favorites!

“I Love That Photo, You Must Have a Good Camera!”

Every photographer can relate to this one – it’s the top “laugh and groan” comment I hear from other photographer friends!

I work full time for a camera company, so many of the people I show photos to in person or online know what I shoot with, and how much time I put into shooting and trying to improve my photography. But when I show people rescue work who don’t know about my day job, they tend to say, “Wow! I love that photo – you must have a good camera at home!”

Jack of All Trades

Being a photographer is not enough! We’re not just photographers, we’re:

  • Plastic Surgeons (with our editing skills)
  • Therapists (encouraging our subjects to be confident and let their personality shine through)
  • Professional Stylists (by recommending what to wear for photos)
  • Location Scouts (by finding the perfect location)
  • Time Travelers (by changing the light in a photo to look like a different time of day)

The list is endless! I hear the word “magician” a lot at shelters, because I’m always making leashes disappear.

Becoming a Contortionist to Get the Perfect Shot

When people see a photo, it’s easy to see the beautiful shot and not think about the crazy angle the photographer had to go to shoot it. For every beautiful, low-angle photo of a bride and groom – there’s a photographer lying on the ground!

Once you have the perfect shot in your head, who cares how silly you look when you’re making it happen?

Everything Becomes a Prop!

It’s a blessing and a curse. When I’m out shopping, whenever I see something I’m vaguely interested in, I question if it can double as a photo prop. If I see basket, my first thought is: would a small dog fit in there? Some portrait photographers I know think: would a baby fit in there?

And especially anything holiday themed has the opportunity to become a prop. This is especially dangerous in the dollar section in Target! The little mailbox and felt envelope I used for Valentines Day photos for Instagram are both from there.

“…But You’re Bringing Your Camera?”

Who doesn’t love going to events with friends and family? It can be a birthday party at someone’s home, or a night out on the town, or even a wedding – but it’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “You’re bringing your camera, right?”

But Where Are Photos of YOU?

In my house, there are hundreds of photos of my dog, Barclay. There are photos of my husband. There are even photos of my husband and my dog together – but being behind the camera, there are none of me! It’s the photographer’s struggle – having so many photos you love, but never having any photos that you’re actually in yourself!

Gear Envy

Whenever a new product is launched, or you meet a new photographer that has the coolest straps and bag – gear envy is real!

The Joy and Despair of “Killing a Roll”

I tend to remember every shoot based on the backdrop colors I use. If you work with Savage Seamless rolls, it’s easy to get attached to your favorite colors. For me, Marmalade is my absolute favorite – but I don’t get to use it very often. When I was doing a rescue shoot last week, I finally killed the large roll of it that I got over a year ago. I was so sad that it was gone, but happy that I get to start a new roll.

What are some of the inside jokes you have with your photographer friends? Leave a comment and let me know!

Amanda Strozeski

Savage Universal Featured PhotographerAmanda Strozeski is a professional animal rescue photographer based out of Pennsylvania. She is a member of HeARTs Speak, an international nonprofit organization uniting art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals. She is an Instagram influencer, along with her constantly smiling dog at @itsmisterbarclay. She also works on the marketing team at Olympus, and is an advocate for the wonders of shooting mirrorless. She has spoken at events like Imaging USA and loves to share her photography experiences with others.  


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