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Join photographer & educator, Zach Sutton, for a 2-day extensive workshop entailing a comprehensive look into photography, and light shaping both in studio and on location. With over 16 hours of total training, these 2-day workshops are designed to give the modern photographer a jump start into success within the industry. This class is designed for both the beginner to advanced photographer, and is formulated to teach photographers of all skill levels, bringing them up to pace quickly, drastically improving their work and workflow. Each day can be purchased individually, or at a discounted rate for the entire two-day package.

Day 1 is focused entirely on outdoor lighting, giving you a 3-hour lecture, followed by 4 hours on location training, with professional models and professional lighting gear, with one-on-one coaching to ensure the best lighting practices are learned. Day 2 is all about studio lighting, showing you how to effectively shape light in studio to acheive beautiful results.

Day 1: Outdoor Lighting Workshop Extensive

  • Lighting Principles Explained
  • Lighting Modifiers Explained
  • Lighting Techniques Explained
  • Using ND Filters Effectively
  • Modern Lighting with HSS
  • Balancing Light Outdoors
  • Photo Breakdowns
  • Practical Light Balancing Tutorial
  • Building Effective Lighting Sets
  • Model/Client Interaction
  • One On One Training

Day 2: Studio Shaping of Light

  • Overview of How & Why We Create With Light
  • Comprehensive Look into Light Modifiers
  • Thorough Lighting Guide for Better Photos
  • Effective Tethering Methods in Studio
  • Capture One Overview
  • Expert Level Light Shaping Made Easy
  • Effective Gelling Techniques
  • Developing Emotion Through Portraiture
  • Effective Client Interaction for Better Results
  • Hands on Training with Experts in the Field


15+ page Marketing Guide for Photographers (PDF, by Zach Sutton)

15+ page Photoshoot Breakdown Guide (PDF, by Zach Sutton)

30+ page Skill Sets Guide (various articles on business etc etc) (PDF, by Zach Sutton)

2 60 minute Retouching Tutorials (Video, by Zach Sutton)

Gaff Tape Giveaway (Provided by Savage Universal)

Capture One 9 Product Code Giveaway (Provided by Capture One (each day))

Gear Provided

Phase One 100mp XF Camera Systems (Both Days)

Profoto B1 & B2 Systems (with Modifiers (Both Days)

Tether Tools Tether systems (In-Studio Day)


Day 1 Only – $250

Day 2 Only – $250

Both Days – $425

Denver – August 13th & 14th – Register

Albuquerque – August 20th & 21st – Register


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