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We wanted to share your tips and hacks on our blog as insight and inspiration for other photographers, so we asked our Facebook followers for a simple request! Many of you shared some simple advice you’ve learned about perfecting product photography projects to help those just getting started in this niche. Here are some of our favorite responses!


“Have a good understanding of what the product is/does and who this photograph will ultimately help convert as a buyer. When you understand its purpose and how it will affect the target customer you can easily focus on the things that matter about the product and tell the most compelling story.” – Dennis Layden

“Going into the shoot with a clear vision of how you want to begin the shoot is super important because knowing what your product color is, as well as other factors such as height and thickness, will prepare you to shoot the product in the best angles and picking the best colors to suit the mood of the product. I carry a product styling bag with items to help me make the product look the best, tweezers for moving items, cleanser to wipe any fingerprints, a water spritzer for water texture etc! ” – Cristy Elaine

“For items that are semi transparent to clear , such as perfumes and jewelry; I found that using a reflective base like 2 way mirror or black glass or fiberglass with an extra light illuminating from below can give a really nice effect of an inner halo.” – Jessi Mock

“With any shoot, the more accurate your lighting and set up are the less post production you need to do. Get it right from the start!” – John Van Ness

“Join local photography Meetups!!! I have learned the most that way. It is a fantastic way to learn about and use equipment that beginning photographers do not yet have a budget for.” – Karen Conrad

“Though I am relatively new to Product Photography I think the most useful tip I have learned so far is to Explore “Every Angle” when determining your composition. Not everything is 45 degrees or eye level. Try going low, shooting from directly from above, just change your prospective because it can make a world of difference.” – Eugene Wainwright

“A killer tip for shooting liquids craft a small reflector gold for color liquids or silver for clear liquids to reflect light back from the main light thru the liquid.” – Teresa Mann

“Invest in a a wireless remote and a tripod so you can eliminate camera shake.” – Chris Evans

“Clean, clean, and clean your products. Even the tiniest speck of dirt will show up in your photos!” – Andrew Kurcan

“Using the wrong light set up can add hours of post-processing.” – Camille Tyler

What can YOU add to this list? Leave a comment below!