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Welcome, Spring! This season boasts bright colors and fresh style that we can never get enough of. Whether you’re busy scheduling upcoming Easter mini sessions, senior portraits or new fashion photo shoots, don’t forget to take a look in your studio and stock up on seasonal favorites when it comes to your backgrounds.

Check out our list of our top ten favorite springtime backdrops, and let us know which one might find its way into your studio next!

1. Turquoise Seamless Paper

savage turquoise seamless paper backdrop

There’s nothing like standing out in a warm field underneath the bright, blue sky. Our Turquoise Seamless Paper presents a vibrant blue with the same appeal that portrait clients will love.

2. Vintage Floral Printed Paper

savage vintage floral printed paper backdrop

Our Vintage Floral Printed Paper Backdrop is full of the best parts of spring: flowers, greenery and patterns! Its unique pattern will definitely get any portrait model in the spring spirit.

3. Lemonade Seamless Paper

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Lemonade Seamless Paper is one of our newest backdrop colors and definitely one of our favorites! Offer your clients a softer yellow than Canary or Deep Yellow when desired.

5. Spring Essence Collapsible Backdrop

savage spring essence collapsible backdrop

Just the name alone is perfect! Our Spring Essence Collapsible Backdrop has cool, soft blue, green and gray tones. A subtle backdrop like this won’t take too much attention away from the subject in the photo.

6. Powder Blue Polyester Backdrop

Our Powder Blue Polyester Backdrop is a beautiful, calm blue that holds it color even with direct light or high exposure.

7. Flamingo Seamless Paper

savage flamingo seamless paper

When you think of springtime, do you picture beautiful bright flowers? We certainly do! That’s why Flamingo Seamless Paper Backdrop is on our list. Its bright coral color will make your spring portraits pop!

8. Rosy Polka Dots Printed Paper

savage rosy polka dots printed background paper

A sweet pink pattern like our Rosy Polka Dots Printed Paper will get you out of your winter blues, and the kids will surely love it!

9. Orchid Seamless Paper

We love pastel shades like our Orchid Seamless Paper Backdrop. It’s a sweet, light purple that makes a beautiful backdrop for any shoot!

10. Lemon Polyester Backdrop

savage lemon polyester backdrop

Looking to capture portraits that make a bang? Look no further than our vibrant Lemon Polyester Backdrop.

Comment and share this post and tell us your favorite springtime colors – we’d love to hear them!