Cobra Interview LED Light Kit

  • The Savage Cobra Interview LED Light Kit was designed from start to finish with quick setup and breakdown in mind for the videographer on the go. 

    Kit includes:

    • The included 204 chip LED lights have an ultra-thin, lightweight design
    • LEDs can be color temperature adjusted anywhere from 3200K to 5600K
    • Lights include high capacity NP-F750 Sony batteries for 3 hour run time at full power
    • AC adapters with 4.5' cord are included for unlimited light when power source is available
    • The 3 Savage Drop Stand™ easy set light stands use gravity to open and close the tripod - perfect when you need to quickly reposition your lights in tight spaces or crowded rooms
    • The exclusive flex arm and counterweight system allows for unprecedented hair light control in tight spaces
    • Counter Balance weight extends to 25.5" for maximum weight offset
    • 40" Flexible Arm includes male and female 1/4"-20 threads for added mounting versatility
    • Designed to be lightweight with fast setups in mind
    • Included hinged connectors allow you to wrap your lights around your subject for close-in headshots or spread the angle of the beam for wider angle applications
    • CRI: 91
  • ItemCatalog NumberWeight
    8 Piece Light Kit INTV-3  36 lbs. (16.3kg)