Transparent Umbrella

  • Our Translucent Shoot-Through Umbrella is what the name implies; instead of reflecting, light travels through this umbrella. This transparent umbrellas can be used for controlling shadows and highlighting contrast as either key light or fill light in a variety of lighting situations. It can also be positioned more closely for portrait work than other umbrellas. Two sizes: 36” and 43” inside diameters.
    • Sizes: 36" and 43" inside diameter
    • Collapsible
    • Provides key or fill light
    • Light travels through instead of reflects
    • 8mm diameter shaft
  • SizeCatalog NumberWeight
    36" (91cm) PUR-36T 1lbs. (0.45kg)
    43" (109cm) PUR-84T 1lbs. (0.45kg)