Black/White Collapsible Backdrop

  • Savage Black/White Reversible Collapsible Background is a bright white that flips to solid, deep black on the backside. Ideal for dramatic portrait and other high-key work. Made of high-quality, non-reflective cotton that eliminates glare. Also available with 8' Aluminum Background Stand.

    Folding Instructions
    • Easy to set up and take down
    • Can be used horizontally or vertically
    • Collapses to 1/3 size
    • Easy to clean—just wipe with a damp cloth
    • Available as a kit with 8' aluminum background stand
  • SizeCatalog NumberWeight
    5' x 6' (152cm x 183cm) Backdrop CB112 6 lbs. (2.7kg)
    5' x 6' Backdrop w/ 8' (244cm) Aluminum Stand CB112-KIT 10 lbs. (4.5kg)
    6' x 7' (183cm x 213cm) Backdrop CB112-67 7 lbs. (3.2kg)
  • Support Adapter with 3/8” Thread
    Carry Bag
    Collapsible Replacement Parts
    Port-A-Stand Replacement Parts
    $12.22 Each
    $10 Each
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