Portable, compact, and simple to set up and take down, Savage Collapsible Backgrounds are an ideal choice for photographers looking for a versatile backdrop that easily makes the transition from studio to location. Our collapsible backgrounds spring open, attach to stands with a touch fasteners, and can be used horizontally or vertically. Most Savage Collapsible Backgrounds are also reversible, providing two background colors/patterns in one. Also available as a collapsible background kit, including an 8' background stand.

Our collapsible backgrounds are sized 5' x 6' (60” x 72”) or 5' x 7' (60" x 84") and collapse to 1/3 their original size for quick and easy transport. Some solid colored collapsible backgrounds are also available in 6' x 7' (72" x 84"). Durable carry bag included. 

Note: Savage Collapsible Backdrops in the mottled style are individually painted by hand, therefore coloring/pattern will vary slightly from one piece to the next.