Universal Background Stand

  • The Savage Universal Background Stand has special features that make it an advantageous support system for large studios. With 3 upright stands and interlocking crossbars, the stand can extend out to 24’ for extra-wide theater productions or large commercial shoots. A unique middle bracket allows for the stand to be set up in a corner space as well. Easily pivot and reposition stands to achieve any angle you desire.

    Setup Instructions

    • 24' wide x 10' high (7.31m x 3.04m)
    • Use as double-wide stand, corner stand or configure custom angles for your specific needs
    • Two reinforced four-section, 12’ wide crossbars reduce sag
    • Also usable with only three crossbar sections when 10’ wide applications are preferred
    • Can accommodate multiple backgrounds, making it ideal for quick scene changes and step & repeat photography
    • Includes 3 uprights, 2 interlocking crossbars, center pivot bracket and carry bag
    • Supports large muslin or cloth backdrops and up to 107" wide seamless paper, 9'x10' vinyl backdrop rolls
    • Weight limit per section is 20 lbs.
    • Upright stand footprint is 35"
    • Folded upright stand is 41" long
    • For use as an extra-wide support system, backdrop must be clamped to the horizontal crossbar; middle bracket does not allow for extra-wide backdrop rod pocket to slide through entire crossbar
  • SizeCatalog NumberWeight
    24' x 10' Universal Background Stand 601024  25 lbs. (11.3kg)

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