Photo Gallery: WPPI Teaser: How to Visually Separate Your Model from Your Backdrop

Photography By: David Hakamaki, Published on: Thursday, 13 February 2014

Planning your rounds for the WPPI expo next month? Stop by the Savage Universal booth on March 4th at 1:45pm to watch David Hakamaki demonstrate how to successfully light and position your model on white and black backdrops to separate them from blending into the background. 

Learn more about what Savage is doing at WPPI 2014 here.

WPPI Teaser: How to Visually Separate Your Model from Your Backdrop

About David Hakamaki

David Hakamaki

David Hakamaki is the owner of Cutting Edge Photography in Michigan. David has become known as the "Home Based Photography Guru" and operates a full-time home-based studio in a small, rural community. David has gained national recognition for his work with HS Seniors, Families, Children and Wedding couples. David serves on Simply Color Lab’s “Senior Dream Team”, and is a member of Kubota Image Tools’ “Champions”. He is sponsored by Simply Color Lab, Kubota Imaging Tools, Triple Scoop Music, Animoto, Fundy Software & LumiQuest. David is a regular Speaker at local, state & national conferences, provides training webinars, acts as a Photography Mentor, serves as a beta tester on industry products and has been featured in PPA Today. 

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