Photo Gallery: Olympia Muslin - Great for Pet Photography!

Photography By: Arica Dorff, Published on: Thursday, 20 June 2013

“The Savage Olympia Hand Painted Muslin has been a great addition to my background options that I offer my Pet Photography clients. The beautiful, rich texture has been a favorite among clients with rich wood decors and Tuscany style homes. The heavy duty material is ready to go after a quick steam.

The background had its first doggy potty accident upon the first use and the clean up was easy and painless and didn’t affect the color or texture of the background. I often pair this background with a baseboard to give my portraits a complete living room look with the background appearing as a custom faux finished wall.”

-Arica Dorff, Owner of Pet'ographique Pet Photography Studio in Henderson, NV

Olympia Muslin - Great for Pet Photography!

About Arica Dorff

Arica Dorff

Arica Dorff is the owner and photographer of Pet’ographique, a luxury pet & family photography studio in Las Vegas. Arica travels around the country providing private mentoring to aspiring pet photographers, as well as speaking at photography conferences such as the Pro Photo Expo. In addition to helping photographers market, advertise and grow their business, Arica’s goal is to help photographers understand how animals think and how to make portrait sessions with pets more controlled and less chaotic.

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