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Playful Pets on Primary Red Paper

Pet Photography Laura Inglis did a wonderful pet adoption photo shoot on our Savage Primary Red Paper. She did an amazing job shooting dogs, cats, and even bunnies! We are in love with the photos and so thankful for her partnership and willingness to help these animals.

Jolly Pets on Holly Seamless Paper

This holiday season, pet photographer Tanya Hopkins volunteered her time for this adorable pet adoption photo shoot on Holly Green Seamless Paper with Humane Pennsylvania. This is Tanya's second time teaming up with us in our Project Pet Portraits progam and we are so happy with her work in helping these animals find a home!

Adorable Adoptees Try Out Baby Blue Seamless Paper!

Pet photographer Kyndall Elliott works with Human Society of the Palouse to volunteer her amazing photography skills for their adorable adoptees. She tried out our Super White and Baby Blue Seamless Paper this month, and we are so excited to share the photo shoot results with you!

Christmastime Kittens Posing on Bone Seamless Paper

This adorable photo gallery was shot by Paola Paladini Pet Photography for a recent adoption photo shoot for Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida. Paola was awesome enough to shoot 35 foster pets this past weekend to help give them a home! 

Project Pet Portraits: Dogs in Tutus!

Stacy White, a member of HeARTs Speak and a volunteer photographer at Manatee County Animal Services lead an animal adoption photo shoot on our Gulf Blue Seamless Paper this month. These adorable dogs are dressed up in whimsical props to bring out their fun loving spirits!

Our 80th Anniversary Celebration at Photokina 2016

Photokina 2016 is a wrap! The Savage Universal team enjoyed the opportunity to make our 19th presence at the worldwide imaging fair in Cologne, Germany this September.

Add Variety to Your Photo Shoot with the New White Brick/Dark Gray Collapsible Backdrop

This gallery shot by Ryan Walsh features the NEW White Brick/Dark Gray Collapsible Backdrop. Bring an elegant feel to your studio with the chic white brick front while having the versatility of a classic mottled gray background on the back.

Give Headshot Clients More Options with the New Weathered Brick/Black Collapsible Backdrop

This photo gallery was shot by photographer Ryan Walsh on our NEW Weathered Brick/Black Collapsible Backdrop. Get variety and style with an edgy urban print while having a must-have classic black background to complement a trendy headshot session!

Enjoy Two Unique Looks in One with the New Rustic Planks/Red Collapsible Backdrop

This photo gallery was shot by photographer Ryan Walsh on our NEW Rustic Planks/Red Collapsible Backdrop. The brown wood printed front side is perfect for a rustic countryside look while the bright red mottled backside captures a more vibrant look. These two background designs complement eachother to provide a diverse photo shoot for your clients.

Go for Urban Fashion Portraits with the New Industrial Grunge/Brown Collapsible Backdrop

This photo gallery was shot by photographer Ryan Walsh on our new Industrial Grunge/Brown Collapsible Backdrop. The rust-stained concrete print sets a total urban grunge look, while the mottled brown backside displays a beautiful and rich, traditional headshot background, for when more conservative images are desired.

Provide Total Versatility to Clients with the New Grunge Brick/Purple Collapsible Backdrop

This photo gallery was shot by photographer Ryan Walsh, featuring our NEW Grunge Brick/Purple Collapsible Backdrop. With both a trendy brick pattern and enchanting purple finish on the backside, photographers can create total versatillity in their photo shoots for senior portraits, actor headshots, and more.

Create 2 Diverse Looks in One Session with the New Gray Pine/Blue Collapsible Backdrop

We are excited to share one of our collapsible backdrops from our NEW Grunge Classics collection! All seven of these new headshot backgrounds display two diverse backdrop styles in one - an eye-catching grunge printed pattern on the front side and a classic mottled finish on the backside. This photo gallery was shot by Ryan Walsh and features our Gray Pine/Blue Collapsible Backdrop.

Go from Grunge to Classic with the New Dark Planks/Light Gray Collapsible Backdrop

We are excited to announce our NEW 2016 Grunge Classic Collapsible Backdrop collection! This collection was shot by photographer Ryan Walsh and features 7 new collapsible and reversible background styles, all displaying a unique grunge pattern on the front side and a traditional, mottled finish on the backside to offer total flexibility for photographers to experiment with new headshot looks all within one photo session. This gallery features our Dark Planks/Light Gray Collapsible Backdrop.

Plum Seamless Paper: A Bold Background for Pet Adoption Portraits

Missy B Photography of CA volunteers her professional photography services to her local animal shelter, K9 Paw Print Rescue, to create beautiful and eye-catching adoption portraits. She recently tried out our new Plum Seamless Paper for a vivacious and fun dog photo shoot!

Stone Gray Seamless Paper

This photo gallery was shot by photographer Ryan Walsh and features Savage Stone Gray Seamless Paper. See Full Gallery>>

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