Savage Photographer: Ben Grelle

Ben Grelle

I am Benjamin Grelle aka “The Frogman.” I am a comedian, blogger, photographer, and I have a corgi. I am a minor internet celebrity and my humor has been seen by millions of people. I have been shooting for 3 years now. I specialize in studio photography, pet photography, advanced macro photography, and product/still life photography. I have 10+ years experience with Photoshop and expert level training with Lightroom. And while I finally feel like I know what I'm doing, I realize I still have a lot to learn. I am constantly studying and trying to improve my craft. I always try to push myself to take more challenging photos. I hope to share what I learn and help other photographers with that knowledge. 



  • Introduction to Macro Focus Stacking

    Introduction to Macro Focus Stacking

    One frustrating aspect of macro photography can be shallow depth of field. A method to solve this problem is called ‘focus stacking’. This is a technique in which you take many pictures and use software to combine them, giving you a completely in-focus macro image. 

    An Intro to Photographing Bottles

    An Intro to Photographing Bottles

    Bottle photography is one of the more challenging aspects of product work. Bottles are round and reflective and translucent: a photographer’s nightmare if you are unprepared. But there are a few tricks of the trade that can help you get amazing, glowing pictures of your bottles.